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We offer a range of affordable celebrations cakes along with various cake topper options to personalize the cake. 

Please feel free to contact us to place a custom cake order.

Call (416) 262-2661 for last minute orders which we may be able to accommodate.

Celebration Cupcakes

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Product Details

Assorted cupcake designs in chosen colours with sprinkles. Additional decoration options include chocolate dipped strawberries, macarons, or heart gems. If you choose one of these options, that item will be added to half the cupcakes (ex. 3 cupcakes will have it in box of 6), other cupcakes will have icing/sprinkles only in chosen colours. Design may vary slightly from picture.

Cupcake fillings will be spread on top of the cupcake, and buttercream added on top of the filling.

Available in box of 4, 6, and 12. Matching ribbon included on every box. Add on personalization for a message on the box or toppers on cupcakes.

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