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SK Confectionery, founded by lead Cake Designer, Sahajbir Kaur, specializes in customized cakes with luxurious designs & exquisite tastes. From bespoke wedding cakes to a variety of confections, we cater for all your wedding and celebration needs. We look forward to working with you to create a delectable edible creation for your celebration!


As an honours graduate from the prestigious confectionery school in Toronto, Bonnie Gordon College, Sahajbir will work with you to ensure your dream wedding cake is made into a reality. With an eye for creativity and details, and staying on top of wedding and fashion trends, all our cakes are surely to be one of a kind.


From the initial consultation and tasting, to delivering your cake, we will work with you to ensure everything is as you’d like it to be. We strive for nothing short of perfection! This is sure to be reflected in all the work that we do. Since we specialize in custom wedding cakes, we know the wedding industry inside and out, and we understand the incredibly high standards you expect when it comes to an occasion as meaningful as a wedding. We look forward to the opportunity to meet and hear about the unique details of your special day!

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Should you have any other questions or would like a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached directly at 416-262-2661, or by email:


Personalized Cake Sketches for all my Cl

During the initial consultation, Sahajbir will sit with you to discuss your wedding cake vision. Bringing along cake designs you love (found online, in magazines, etc.),pictures of your bridal outfit, decor, invitations, and any other personalized items is very helpful at this stage. Using a variety of inspiration pieces, we will create a one-of-a-kind design for you.If you’ve already fallen in love with a cake design, we will suggest various ways to tweak the design to make it more personalized. Your wedding is a reflection of you, as such the cake should also carry a piece of your personality. We can also combine elements from different cake designs to come up with something unique. We do our absolute best to offer the most creative ideas to bring your vision to life! Many of our original cake designs are known for their originality, creativity, and being able to reflect the couple’s style in the design.

During the consultation we will create a rough sketch for you to get the main ideas across. Upon listening to your feedback and researching other ideas, we will follow up with you in a few days with a beautiful, detailed sketch. We generally aim for two unique sketches, offering some variance and choice in design. After further feedback from you, any final changes will be made, and a final sketch will be drawn up. This is the most exiting part! Being able to see a beautiful, detailed sketch of exactly what you’ll be receiving on your big day. Many clients choose to keep the sketches as a beautiful wedding keepsake!

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