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We offer a variety of different dessert options which are the perfect add on to any cake order! Desserts can be decorated to match the theme and colours of your event. Below you'll find our full menu of available items along with flavour choices. Create your own package with items from the menu, or browse our special packages for various events.

*prices subject to change without notice, please contact for an accurate quote*



Minimum order: regular one dozen per flavour                                      Regular: $35.00+/dozen

Classic White – vanilla cupcake with vanilla swirl

Caramel Toffee – vanilla/chocolate cupcake with caramel frosting swirl & toffee 

Ferrero Rocher – chocolate cupcake with Nutella swirl with toasted hazelnuts

Mango – vanilla cupcake with mango frosting swirl

Lemon – lemon zest cupcake with lemon curd frosting swirl

Red Velvet – red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting swirl

Pink Lemon– lemon cupcake with fresh raspberry puree frosting swirl

Rasmalai - vanilla cupcake with rasmalai flavoured frosting swirl

Rooh Afza - rooh afza cupcake with vanilla frosting swirl & dried rose petals

Strawberry – vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting swirl & topped with fresh strawberry slice

Triple Threat – chocolate cupcake with chocolate swirl & dark shavings

White Raspberry – white fudge cupcake with fresh raspberry frosting swirl & white chocolate drizzle


Minimum order: one dozen per item

Chocolate Dipped Oreos – Oreo cookie dipped in chocolate of desired colour – $30.00

Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies – Rice Krispy dipped in desired coloured chocolate – $38.00

Chocolate Covered Strawberry – fresh strawberries dipped in dark or white chocolate – $28.00

Chocolate Pretzel Sticks – dipped in chocolate of desired colour with drizzle or sprinkles – $25.00

Ganache Dipped Donuts – dipped in ganache of desired colour with drizzle or sprinkles – $40.00


Minimum order: one dozen per flavour – $35.00

Flavours: vanilla, chocolate, red velvet



Minimum order: one dozen per design – $40.00+

*only monogram or other simple design cookies available, in round, square or plaque shapes only.

*Additional decorative elements will be an extra charge depending on complexity of design. Delivery is available only for orders greater than $500. We do not offer platter rentals, table decor or desserts setup at this time.

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